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Optimize Your Advertising for Maximum ROI

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What's Included:

Amazon PPC Campaigns Expert Review
  • Personalized Video Review: Within 3-5 business days after providing access to your Amazon Seller Central account, you will receive a comprehensive video review. This review format offers a clear and visual overview of your PPC campaigns, pinpointing areas for improvement and providing actionable steps for implementation.

  • Thorough Campaigns Analysis: I will conduct an in-depth analysis of your PPC campaigns, covering various aspects such as overall performance, keyword research, targeting precision, bid optimization, and effective management of negative keywords. This comprehensive assessment is designed to enhance the efficiency of your advertising spend.

  • Competitive Analysis: You will receive valuable insights into how your product stacks up against competitors. Understanding your position in the market is crucial for strategic listing enhancements.

  • Actionable Recommendations: I will provide you with a specific, actionable recommendations and strategies aimed at optimizing your PPC campaigns. These practical steps are based on the expertise I would apply if I were managing your campaigns directly.

  • Follow-Up Support: After receiving a video review from me, if you need clarification on any points that weren't clear in the video, I am available to help. This support is meant to ensure you fully understand the review and recommendations provided.


  • Strategic PPC Insights: As a bonus, I will provide you with diverse PPC strategies tailored to your unique situation. These recommendations offer alternative approaches to further boost the performance and profitability of your campaigns, adding substantial value to your investment.

Tina Sriker

Tina Striker

Tina is a seasoned Amazon FBA seller and coach who began her transformative e-commerce journey in 2015. Known for her expertise born from real-world experiences and continuous learning, Tina is dedicated to empowering aspiring Amazon sellers to create their own success stories. Balancing her professional accomplishments with a fulfilling personal life, she embodies the freedom lifestyle she advocates, inspiring action-takers at e-com BOSS Academy.


Optimize Your Advertising for Maximum ROI

Seeking professional insights into your Amazon PPC campaigns but not ready to commit to ongoing coaching? The Amazon PPC Campaigns Expert Analysis is your pathway to fine-tuning your advertising efforts for optimal performance and profitability.

In this detailed analysis, I'll conduct a thorough review of your PPC campaigns, providing insights into everything from overall campaign performance to specific aspects like keyword research, targeting, bid optimization, and negative keyword management. My goal is to help you maximize the efficiency of your advertising spend, transforming underperforming campaigns into profitable marketing engines.

As a special BONUS, I'll also present different PPC strategies and provide recommendations tailored to your unique situation – absolutely free. This added value will give you alternative approaches to further enhance your PPC efforts.

Once you’ve made your purchase, simply provide me with access to your Amazon Seller Central account (a standard and secure procedure). Within 3-5 business days, you will receive a comprehensive video review directly to your inbox. This review will not just be an analysis; it will include actionable recommendations that I would implement if I were managing your campaigns.

Are your PPC campaigns underperforming or costing more than they should? Let’s turn that around. Opt for the Amazon PPC Campaigns Expert Analysis and take the first step towards making your advertising dollars work harder for you.

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