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What's Included:

Personalized Accountability Calls
  • Weekly One-on-One Calls: Engage in weekly one-hour sessions with me, your personal Amazon guide. These calls are tailored to support and guide you through every stage of your Amazon journey, from beginner steps to advanced strategies for a high-value business exit.

  • Customized Support and Guidance: Each session is customized to address the specific challenges and decisions you're facing in your Amazon business. Whether you need help overcoming obstacles, clarifying your next steps, or staying motivated, these calls are designed to meet your unique needs.

  • Ongoing Motivation and Focus: Our discussions will focus on keeping you motivated and on track. I'm here to provide the support and encouragement necessary to help you overcome moments of uncertainty or hesitation, ensuring you remain committed to your Amazon goals.

  • Personalized Feedback and Insights: Receive direct feedback and actionable insights based on your current activities and future plans. My aim is to equip you with clarity and determination, so you can make informed decisions and move your Amazon business forward each week.


  • Please Note: While these Personalized Amazon Accountability Calls are crucial in keeping you on track and motivated, they do not include deep strategy discussions. If you are looking for detailed strategic guidance, consider my Personalized Strategy Call sessions, which can be purchased separately. These Accountability Calls are focused on ensuring you stay committed and make consistent progress in your current Amazon game.

Tina Sriker

Tina Striker

Tina is a seasoned Amazon FBA seller and coach who began her transformative e-commerce journey in 2015. Known for her expertise born from real-world experiences and continuous learning, Tina is dedicated to empowering aspiring Amazon sellers to create their own success stories. Balancing her professional accomplishments with a fulfilling personal life, she embodies the freedom lifestyle she advocates, inspiring action-takers at e-com BOSS Academy.


Stay on Track for Success

Whether you're a beginner, an experienced Amazon seller, or aiming for a high-value business exit, my Weekly Personalized Amazon Accountability Calls are designed to keep you on track towards success. These weekly one-hour calls are tailored to support you at every stage of your Amazon journey, ensuring you stay focused and motivated.

In our weekly sessions, I'll be your personal guide through the challenges and decisions of your Amazon journey. This isn't about diving into strategies; it's about providing you with the support and motivation you need when you feel stuck, unsure, or ready to give up. I'm here to make sure you keep moving forward, understanding each next step and staying committed to your goals.

These calls are essential for maintaining your momentum and making regular progress. With my guidance and encouragement, you'll gain the clarity and determination needed to advance your Amazon business every week.

Are you ready to turn accountability into your success story? Join me in my Weekly Personalized Amazon Accountability Calls and make a decisive move towards your Amazon success.

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